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Five Instances When Anesthesia Record Software is a Need, Not a...

Disconnects in daily processes are costly. Archaic data collection, jammed-up bill processing, and poor patient management can quickly amount to lost time and revenue...

Dean Guida

Dean Guida Founder & CEO Technology, Software, Entrepreneur Cranbury, NJ, USA Listen to Dean's Podcast! Dean Guida is the founder and CEO of Infragistics, founded in 1989. Over the...

3 Recommendations for Selling SaaS in a Pandemic Economy

Over the past year and a half, there’s been plenty of talk about the effects COVID has had on B2B sales, with no shortage...

Why a Unified Cloud Platform Strategy is Crucial for Manufacturers

Old product lifecycle management (PLM) has had its day. For more than two decades, it’s failed to deliver on its promise of true enterprise...

Sam Agyemang

Sam Agyemang Co-Founder Technology, Logistics New York, NY, USA Listen to Sam's Podcast! Sam Agyemang has always understood the power of good communication. He has worn many different hats...

Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev Co-Founder & CEO Technology, Software Sofia City, Bulgaria Listen to Deyan's Podcast! Deyan Georgiev, is the Co-Founder and CEO of NitroPack, the all-in-one performance optimization service that...


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