Zach Dougherty

Headshot of Attorney Zach Dougherty

Zach Dougherty

Executive, Attorney
Law, Tech, Aerial
Denver, CO, USA

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Zach Dougherty is an attorney at 3i Law, a full-service law firm in Colorado.

His practice focusses on transactional corporate and real estate law, with a specialization in uncrewed aerial systems (UAS, or drones). On the corporate side, he works with clients on a broad range of transactional matters including entity formation, employee ownership and incentive compensation; construction; contract negotiations; and asset/equity acquisitions. Zach Dougherty also has significant real estate experience and advises clients on real estate acquisitions and leasing (both commercial and residential), in addition to easement rights, title matters, and other property law issues.

Zach also leads the firm’s UAS practice and specializes in the evolving legal and regulatory framework for drone operations. His work in this area includes reviewing and developing best practices, risk assessments, insurance requirements, and advising operators on minimizing civil liability (trespass, invasion of privacy, etc.). He currently serves on the board of directors for Mountain West UAS, a 501(c)(3) devoted to drone education and safety and has had speaking engagements at numerous state and national drone conferences over the past six years.

Zach Dougherty is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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