Will Hayes

Headshot of CEO Will Hayes

Will Hayes

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, AI
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Will Hayes is the Chief Executive Officer of Lucidworks, the leader in AI-powered search.

Will has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley leading product, marketing, and business development initiatives. Prior to Lucidworks, Hayes was head of technical business development for Splunk. He also created and led the company’s global partner program.

Earlier in his career, Hayes served as a software engineer at Genentech, where he built solutions that supported the sales and drug development teams. For the past three years, Hayes has served as a member of YPO, a global leadership community of chief executives dedicated to improving lives, businesses, and the world.

He has also been a partner to 10,000 Degrees, an organization that provides financial, emotional, and educational resources to Bay Area kids. He currently lives with his family in San Francisco, California, where Lucidworks is headquartered.

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Will Hayes leads the future of search in the moment. Lucidworks is pioneering the next generation of insight-driven applications.

At Lucidworks, our solutions personalize the discovery experience to reveal actionable insights about user intent and rapidly deliver them to the relevant channels of engagement. Every organization can now make every step of the journey more satisfying. Lucidworks empowers users to connect meaningful insights from anywhere and make them available everywhere – in the moment.


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