Traci Austin

Headshot of Chief Strategy Officer Traci Austin

Traci Austin

Chief Strategy Consultant
Human Resources, Entrepreneur
Beloit, WI, USA

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Traci Austin is the Chief Strategy Consultant and owner of Elevated Talent Consulting, a certified women owned business, that impacts small business and HR professionals in exceeding performance expectations while being fulfilled in their work.

Traci is a certified HR professional with two decades of experience building HR departments from the ground up for small businesses. Her mission is to create the container for every employee, if they choose, to be fulfilled in their work while meeting business outcomes. She does this through employee development and engagement, performance consulting, training facilitation and coaching HR professionals.

Traci uses her consulting expertise to serve clients in applying behavioral concepts to hiring and selection, designing and implementing talent pathways, coaching, motivation, and leadership. She is a highly sought after expert on these topics. She hosts a weekly podcast titled, Talent Optimization with Traci Austin and has been distributed to thousands of HR professionals and business leaders across the globe.

Elevated Talent Consulting

Elevated Talent Consulting equips HR professionals and executive leaders with the know-how, tools, and guidance to elevate your people and your business. Their services equip you to grow personally and professionally, build your HR infrastructure, and optimize your talent so you get results. They partner with organizations to develop HR departments from the ground up, both strategically and tactically.

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