Tom Welch

Headshot of Executive Vice President Tom Welch

Tom Welch

Executive Vice President
Technology, Pharmaceutical
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Tom Welch is Executive Vice President at BioCorRx. Mr. Welch has decades of operating experience, and was a founder and Director of Operations at TAK Management from 2012 until 2015. TAK Management was responsible for the streamlining of clinical and financial operations for Start Fresh Alcohol and Opioid Recovery Clinic Inc. Mr. Welch led a team that completely reorganized clinic operations. Tom was also successful in negotiating reimbursement with major private insurance corporations across the U.S.

Prior to his tenure with TAK Management, Mr. Welch created Benchmark Consulting Group LLC in 2001 in Los Angles California and expanded into Dallas Texas in 2005. He has been actively involved in assisting in infrastructure creation including, front and back office management, billing and coding personnel, clinical management and executive teams. Tom was responsible for negotiating multiple partnership agreements and contracts with major medical corporations and both the Military and Veterans Administration.


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