Anita MacDonald

Headshot of Founding CEO Anita MacDonald

Anita MacDonald

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, Music, EdTech
Edinburgh, UK

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Anita MacDonald is the Founding CEO of Meteor Fireball.

Anita MacDonald, a former opera singer and pianist, aimed to provide a safe and state-of-the-art solution for sophisticated online music lessons. She spearheaded the development of Meteor Tutors, an EdTech solution that provides a secure online space for students and tutors to meet online across countries via the web or mobile app.

Anita MacDonald, a multiple prizewinning pianist at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and qualified Secondary Headteacher, scaled global online tuition by matching qualified and vetted tutors with clients on the secure 2 factor ID site, with facial and fingerprint technology lessons. Students and tutors benefit from automated engagement and payment services for ease of use.

Now she provides the solution for employee training and seminars with Meteor Fireball.

Meteor Tutors

Our Mission is to provide a global online learning experience for all. We aim to provide tuition to multiple countries regardless of geographical location.

We aim to provide training to tutors to facilitate exam entries to a multitude of international exam boards. 

We aim to provide training for students and their parents as to which exam board would be appropriate for them.

All exam boards used will be recognised by the relevant qualification and curriculum authorities.

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