Tania Haigh

Headshot of Co-Founder and CEO Tania Haigh

Tania Haigh

Co-Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, TEDx
Chicago, IL, USA

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Tania Haigh is a passionate advocate for protecting children from harm. Through her work as co-founder of Parents Against Child Sex Abuse (PAXA), Tania identified a need to elevate parents’ voices addressing child protection.

After five years taking on one of the toughest epidemics impacting children, Tania has disrupted the child protection space launching the #KIDSTOO movement in November 2021. Beyond the hashtag, KIDS TOO builds on child sexual abuse, online safety and child poverty. Tania’s commitment to this work reflects her tenacity in solving for these areas.

Tania’s rigor has been consistent in her 20+ year career in Business, more notably a decade at McDonald’s USA leading Family Marketing & the Happy Meal; an entrepreneur supporting brands like Nutella; producer as TEDxOakParkWomen founder and as a public speaker.


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