Davor Jordačević

Headshot photo of Davor Jordačević

Davor Jordačević

Data Scientist, Developer
Tech, AI, Machine Learning

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Davor is a Junior Data Scientist at Datahacker.rs with an Electrical Engineering background. He developed a keen passion from programming as an elementary school student. He started with basic games and toy robots. Gradually, after getting familiar with some programming technologies, he has started his career as a Data Scientist. He writes code regularly and shares his work with the community via his blogs. Python is Davor’s favorite programming language, and after absorbing scikit-learn library (machine learning in Python), he now crafts his projects in TensorFlow.

He has studied Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing and Machine Learning. Additionally, Davor has two certificates in the field of databases. He was a teaching assistant at data science boot camps and he participated in a few hackathons.


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