Justin Nerdrum

Headshot of Founder and CEO Justin Nerdrum

Justin Nerdrum

Founder & CEO
Marketing, Entrepreneur
Park City, UT, USA

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Justin Nerdrum is a seasoned business leader and the founder and CEO of Nerdrums, a premier business consulting firm that has been instrumental in redefining the growth trajectories of various organizations. His unwavering dedication and unique insights stem from an unconventional background that blends ten years of hard-earned experience in the U.S. Marines with an equally rich tenure in the corporate world.

As a veteran, Justin learned the importance of discipline, teamwork, and strategic thinking – traits that would later become the cornerstone of his corporate endeavors. Transitioning into the business sphere, he swiftly carved a niche for himself, building an impressive portfolio encompassing roles in various industries’ marketing and revenue departments. Justin’s unique perspective and steadfast leadership have seen him successfully steer two IPOs and navigate three company acquisitions.

Drawing on these diverse experiences, Justin established Nerdrums to provide a much-needed service to businesses looking to break new ground in their respective industries. Nerdrums specializes in facilitating accelerated growth, leveraging dedicated research and consulting support to supercharge marketing and business development efforts. Justin and his team at Nerdrums work closely with businesses across various sectors, including aerospace and defense, manufacturing, deep tech, and software companies. They collaborate with these companies, building robust frameworks designed to position them as industry leaders and provide them with a competitive edge.

Justin’s leadership and the unique value proposition offered by Nerdrums have already resonated within the business community. Yet, he continues to challenge the status quo, constantly seeking innovative solutions to redefine what’s possible and set new standards for success in the corporate world. The entrepreneurial spirit that saw Justin transition from the military to corporate success continues to drive him as he continues to lead Nerdrums toward becoming an indispensable ally for businesses seeking sustainable growth and industry leadership.

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