Swetha Newcomb

Headshot of Founder and Chef Swetha Newcomb

Swetha Newcomb

Founder & Chef
Entrepreneur, Culinary
Kansas City, KS, USA

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Swetha Newcomb is the Founder and Chef of Of Course Kitchen & Company.

Senses are powerful, and when Swetha found honing in on them could change the way she cooked, she couldn’t help but begin to experiment. Swetha cooked meals over and over again, mentally taking note of the colors, sounds and smells that produced perfection in the form of food. The difference between good and holy-sh*t-lick-this-off-my-plate good were things as simple as knowing how the golden color of ciabatta, if left in the oven for just 30 additional seconds, guaranteed superior taste.

Swetha grew up watching her mother cook Indian dishes using a variety of techniques – her steady hand circling dosa into a perfectly symmetrical circle, or her careful fingers rolling chapatis to the most perfect thickness for optimal curry scooping. Yes, she used her senses, but the most important lesson Swetha would learn from her mother was the power of intuition. To this day, Swetha’s mother does not use a cookbook or measuring cups. What she creates comes from within, a spiritual and unwavering connection to her craft. I soon learned the kitchen is not just a place to fill a void; it is a place that requires skill, along with a vast imagination.

Just as it was for Swetha’s mother, the kitchen soon became a sacred space. Swetha used cooking as an outlet to relax her soul, a way to channel her inner creativity and display it on a plate. Even though it was her true passion, she never thought it would be her career.

Fast forward 20 years. After attending The University of Kansas and earning her bachelor’s degree, Swetha felt incomplete. It was then, along with a few nudges from her husband soon after, she realized she needed to turn her dream into a reality. Swetha enrolled in the highly ranked culinary program through JCCC and have not looked back since.

Swetha gained years of kitchen experience while working as a line cook and pastry chef in various restaurants around Kansas City.

Swetha’s story is about sense and intuition – two opposite forces, but when combined create satisfaction and endless opportunities. Food is more than just fuel. From private dinners to meal prep, let Swetha provide indulgence through fresh and unique ingredients to satisfy your palette and your soul.

“I am a true believer that each bite of food should have texture, acidity, sweetness, saltiness, and umami all in one. I always try to cook with heavy spices and flavors, just like my momma taught me,” she says.

Chef Swetha offers meal prep, catering, and private dinners. She is skilled in creating a personalized experience that honors her client’s dietary needs.


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