Soula Parassidis

Headshot of operatic soprano CEO and co-founder Soula Parassidis

Soula Parassidis

Co-Founder & CEO
Opera, Blockchain, Entrepreneur
Washington, DC, USA

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Soula Parassidis is an operatic soprano and the CEO and co-founder of Living Opera.

Soula has appeared in opera and as a soloist in leading cultural institutions in Europe and Asia. In addition to her artistic and entrepreneurial work, Soula has also worked as a television moderator, content creator, and educator, and serves on the board of The Exodus Road, an anti-human trafficking organization. 

Soula is pioneering a new pathway forward for opera in Web3.

In 2022, she released a new version of Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder in a new album drop called “Dream Girl”, which was presented by Nolcha Shows at Art Basel in Miami on the Solo Music platform.

She also appeared in a new production of Iphigénie en Tauride in Athens, Greece on the 100 year anniversary on Maria Callas’ birth.

Living Opera

Founded by two opera singers and an economist, Living Opera is a multimedia art-technology company that unites the classical music and blockchain communities to produce transformative content. Living Opera takes a holistic approach to life, work, and education: “living” means “full of life and vigor,” and “opera” in Latin means “labor, effort, attention, or work.” Living Opera NFT collections, such as Magic Mozart, are designed to bring the art and tech worlds together by expanding the audience of people who traditionally engage with classical music and fine art.

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