Suzanne Huber

Headshot photo of Suzanne Huber

Suzanne Huber

CEO, Founder
Digital Marketing, Strategy
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Suzanne’s Feature!

Suzanne has worked as a marketing consultant for hundreds of companies over the last decade, generating millions of dollars in revenue. She’s a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and executives growing their companies with a proven track record. Throughout her career to date, Suzanne has launched five businesses and four non-profits, driving their growth through innovative marketing strategies designed for each organization.

Suzanne is known for bringing fresh perspectives to break old patterns, while inventing new approaches and strategic directions for her clients. Her passion for driving results has made her sought after by executives and entrepreneurs growing their firms.

Today, Suzanne creates marketing strategies and provides outsourced digital marketing solutions to North American businesses. Her company develops, implements and trains teams to launch their own innovative marketing strategies to take their organizations to the next level, while building enduring relationships in the process.


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