Hellen Nitschke

Headshot of Online Marketing Consultant Hellen Nitschke

Hellen Nitschke

Marketing Executive
Fashion, Marketing, Entrepreneur
Miami, FL, USA

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Hellen Nitschke is the Online Marketing Consultant of Get Launched Agency.

Hellen Nitschke is a trailblazing entrepreneur hailing from Brazil. She came to this country with no English and after giving herself a year only to fluent she took her career with industry giants such as Adidas, Billabong, Nordstrom, and Target, she transitioned into her own venture a swimwear line only to be met with substantial marketing hurdles.

In the face of these challenges, Hellen was confronted with a pricey $15,000 coaching program.

Seemingly out of reach, it stirred a moment of self-doubt until a divine message nudged her:

“It’s your time! Break the scarcity in your life.”

Having been raised in Brazil where securing jobs was prioritized over personal growth, this was a pivotal realization for Hellen. She understood that the power to qualify oneself lies within and she shouldn’t wait for external validation.

Now, Hellen Nitschke stands as an empowering coach, guiding women through their entrepreneurial dreams. She encourages others to assert their worth, readiness, and ability to conquer challenges. Her mantra: “Qualify yourself! Proclaim ‘I am ready! I am worthy!’ and make that leap!” With her guidance, over 1000 individuals have successfully launched and grown their businesses.

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