Susan Conrad

Headshot of Partner Susan Conrad

Susan Conrad

Partner, Senior Executive
Finance, Human Capital
St. Louis, MO, USA

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Susan Conrad is a Partner at Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute. Susan believes consistent performance and ongoing value creation begin with people-centric leadership, particularly in today’s knowledge economy. She has successfully applied this approach throughout her career in professional services, finance, and real estate. Corporate and non-profit leaders alike turn to Susan to navigate change, improve performance and develop future leaders.

As a Partner of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute since 2016, Susan helps clients align their people strategy to their business strategy. She helps leaders create a roadmap to becoming a more resilient, attractive and energized organization that serves both people and business objectives. She draws upon 30 years of experience in visioning, strategy, acquisitions, corporate finance and operations to help leaders create a culture where their team members and business thrive.


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