David G Watumull

Headshot of Co-Founder David G Watumull

David G Watumull

Co-Founder & CEO
Health, Wellness, Entrepreneur
Honolulu, HI, USA

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David G Watumull is the co-founder of AX3.

David G Watumull has more than thirty years of experience as a biotechnology industry executive, analyst, and investment banker. He has been a pioneer in the field of commercializing astaxanthin—a safe and powerful, naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory—for human health. He is the co-founder of AX3, a consumer longevity company formed to help people be their best selves, longer. AX3 targets inflammaging—a core hallmark of aging—at its source with bio-pure astaxanthin. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Cardax, a life sciences business focused on advancing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications of astaxanthin.


Co-created by David G Watumull, AX3 is a transformative longevity supplement made from bio-pure astaxanthin — nature’s strongest antioxidant, perfected. Safely fight oxidative stress and inflammation to enhance whole body health and longevity.

AX3 believes that with age, comes confidence. That’s why they’ve spent a lifetime crafting AX3, their transformative longevity supplement.

AX3 harnesses nature’s most powerful antioxidant— astaxanthin—to neutralize oxidative stress and fight inflammation at its cellular source, promoting whole body health and longevity.

Inspired by nature and perfected with science, AX3 is synthesized with superior purity, bioavailability, and sustainability compared with ordinary astaxanthin.

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