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Understanding Equipment Financing and How it Works

Equipment financing is a form of financial assistance that enables businesses to acquire necessary equipment without a huge upfront payment. This article aims to...

Looking Ahead to 2024 – How Can We Prepare Our Finances?

As we head into a new year, we can expect people to want to make changes to their lifestyles. New Year’s resolutions often include...

Everything You Need To Run a Thriving Business

In today's fast-paced business landscape, the unique challenges entrepreneurs and established companies face demand precision, innovation, and strategy. Establishing a solid foundation for your...

10 Important Things to Check Before Taking a Loan 

Loans are now a fundamental component of the contemporary financial landscape. They enable people and businesses to raise capital for various goals, like starting...

Derek Sall

Derek Sall Founder & CEOFinance, EntrepreneurGrand Rapids, MI, USA Listen to Derek's Podcast! Derek Sall is the Founder and Personal Finance Expert of LifeAndMyFinances. Derek Sall has a...

Family Offices: Key Insights on Investment Strategies

If you're a business owner or independent sponsor, you may have heard the term "family office" thrown around in financial circles. Family offices are...


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