Steven Kowalski

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Steven Kowalski

Author, Executive
Organizational Development
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Steven Kowalski is the author of Creative Together.

Steven Kowalski, Ph.D., is a leading voice in the global movement for conscious creativity and a long-time practitioner of Stanford University’s Creativity in Business approach. Every day, his groundbreaking work helps people from all walks of life reclaim their creative potential and focus it for real-world innovation. Steven’s mission is to support individuals, teams, and organizations in activating unique gifts that create possibility and shape our collective future.

Steven’s approach combines cutting-edge theory on creativity, change, learning, and business transformation into novel services for creating new value amidst the challenges of today’s VUCA, whitewater world. He is a speaker, author, consultant, and educator, offering clients a comprehensive suite of services and products through his firm, Creative License™ Consulting.

As a leader, Steven Kowalski seeks to catalyze ideas and nourish potential. Core areas of expertise include organizational development, learning and innovation, leadership effectiveness, team leadership, employee engagement, creativity in business, agility and change resilience, and coaching. Steven seeks diverse, collaborative environments where inclusion, empowerment, and strong partnerships activate progress towards shared goals.

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