Sirisha Peyyeti

Headshot of Co-Founder Sirisha Peyyeti

Sirisha Peyyeti

Co-Founder & Head of Consulting
Technology, Entrepreneur
Hyderabad, India

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Sirisha Peyyeti is the Co-Founder and Head of Digital & Consulting for RoundSqr.

Sirisha Peyyeti is a Business Leader, with over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry, focused in the area of Data and Analytics. She is experienced in solution consulting, with a strong focus on digital thinking and customer empathy, across varied domains and customer base.

Sirisha, being a Woman Entrepreneur is considered a problem solver. Coupled with common sense, she helped deliver digital transformation projects across different technology stacks throughout her career.

Transformation agent enabling organisations realise their digital dreams. Her two decades of career in IT services industry covers a wide spectrum of roles including digital evangelist, solution architect, delivering consulting projects, delivery management as well as technical architect responsible for data and insights. She worked with customers across the globe and in multitude of domains.

Sirisha Peyyeti has had the honour of working with both a high growth company during its formative years as well as global technology company. These tenures, with the teams and customers she worked with helped her transform consistently and build experiences that she am truly grateful for.

Sirisha considers herself a problem solver with immense focus of customer empathy – She is that person who is not a “know-it-all” but has the ability to think through, understand and work with a team to get technology to help the customers fulfil their business goals.

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