Sheilin Herrick

Headshot of Head of Solutions Sheilin Herrick

Sheilin Herrick

Head of Solutions, Technology Hiring
HR Technology
Seattle, WA, USA

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Sheilin Herrick is Head of Solutions, Technology Hiring at SHL.

Sheilin Herrick heads SHL’s Technology Hiring Solution from Seattle, Washington. She has worked in technology for 15 years and spent the past several years researching and improving hiring processes for the world’s leading software-driven companies. Sheilin’s experience includes go-to-market strategy for Technical Talent Acquisition solutions, including partnerships with the industry’s foremost thought leaders in DEI, structured interviewing, and the economics of technical hiring.

Sheilin Herrick is a catalyst for unlocking opportunity and accelerating growth. Trailblazer, strategist, and problem solver – obsessed with understanding what makes buyers and their fellow influencers tick.

In the past 15 years, Sheilin has developed a track record of multiplying ARR while increasing investment in and impact of go-to-market programs. Nothing gives her more energy than revealing insights from candid conversations about what teams and buyers need to be successful, the barriers do and don’t stand in their way, and what motivates them. Sheilin has created visions that drive marketing and product teams in early stage, high growth, and mature enterprises.

– Brand, positioning, and go-to-market strategy development
– Data-driven product vision, product marketing, and buyer persona development research
– Demand generation, marketing operations strategy, and operational excellence
– Content strategy, execution, and partnerships
– Assembling and leading cross-functional teams, including agencies and outside contractors
– HR technology market landscape and technical talent acquisition

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