Rotem Alaluf

Headshot of Rotem Alaluf

Rotem Alaluf

Founder & CEO
Technology, Artificial Intelligence
Tel Aviv, Israel

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Rotem Alaluf is the Founder and CEO of BeyondMinds, which has built the first enterprise AI system that is universally applicable and easily adaptable.

Rotem Alaluf is passionate about creating more stable and accurate methods of bringing AI to production, and ultimately accelerating the AI transformation.

Rotem Alaluf is on a life mission to create a better world, where the power of AI is not just limited to a select few, but empowers anyone that wants to create, and change the world around them for the better.

Rotem Alaluf believes that big scale changes come from passion, risk taking, hard work, persistence and resilience, learning quickly and adapting, thinking big and differently, and moving fast. Those values drive him in his career, in success and failures.

Rotem’s personal AI journey started in the defense industry, working on high-impact problems that can influence millions. He had the opportunity to build large-scale production systems in different positions, focusing on highly complex, mission-critical problems in the fields of Time Series analysis, Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing, and more, utilizing core technologies such as transformers up to some of the most sophisticated algorithms. With these foundational experiences, he saw a need to apply this in the commercial world and started BeyondMinds in 2018.

BeyondMinds was on a mission to help data scientists bring AI solutions to production quickly and accelerate AI adoption for large organizations.

Prior to founding BeyondMinds, Rotem worked in the Defense Technology Industry as a researcher in a variety of fields, including optimization, natural language processing (NLP), and vulnerabilities of AI systems. Rotem has a B.S. in both electrical engineering and physics.

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