Mike Pace

Headshot of Senior Channel Sales & Marketing Manager Mike Pace

Mike Pace

Senior Sales Executive
Technology, Entrepreneur
Windham, NH, USA

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Mike Pace is the Senior Channel Sales & Marketing Manager at Contour Design.

For over 10 years Mike has been a major factor at Contour Design, one of the leaders in the corporate ergonomics space. His sales and marketing background, combined with his passion for helping people makes him a natural fit in the industry. He has helped successfully launch over 30 ergonomic products into the corporate B2B space and strives to make a positive impact on office workers’ health and well-being, daily.

Mike is well-rounded professional with success in managing Sales and Marketing teams as well as assessing/creating potential markets as part of a Exploratory Business Development team. He is highly skilled in relationship development, opportunity assessment, lead generation, marketing strategy and implementation, and content creation.

Mike is also well versed in: Salesforce, Xcel, Google Analytics, Mail Chimp, Social Platforms, GoTo Webinar, and the Microsoft Office Suite.

Mike Pace currently holds a CEAS ergonomic certification and is always looking for new ways to spread the gospel of ergonomics to business & industry leaders alike.

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Contour Design

Contour Design is a market leader in the research, development and design of ergonomic computer mouse solutions such as RollerMouse, Unimouse and Multimedia Controller.


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