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The Robots are Coming!

When we look at all the current industries, the services industry is primed for another revolution. The last time it re-invented itself...

The Benefits of Natural Thinking Assessments in Reaching Full Potential

Every person has a certain peak “potential” that's built into their cells. In this context, peak potential addresses our organizational, functional, and...

Robert J. Flower PhD

Robert J. Flower, PhD Founder & Executive Director Human Behavior, Science, STEM New York, NY, USA Listen to Dr. Flower's Podcast! Dr. Bob Flower is the Founder of Gilchrist...

Taking Remote Recruitment to the Next Level in the Wake of...

One year after the nascent COVID-19 pandemic set off fears of economic devastation and mass unemployment on an unprecedented scale, many industries...

Aaron Kwittken

Aaron Kwittken Founder & CEO, PRophetTechnology, Media, PRNew York, NY, USA Listen to Aaron's Podcast!   Aaron Kwittken is founder and CEO of PRophet, an AI-driven PR SaaS...

Tom Livne

Tom Livne Founder & CEO Technology, AI Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Tom's Podcast! Tom Livne is the CEO & Founder of Verbit, the world’s leading AI-powered transcription and...


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