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Chen Zhang

Chen Zhang Chief Technology Officer Technology, AI San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Chen's Podcast! Chen Zhang is the Chief Technology Officer at RAIN, a leading voice technology company....

How Conversational AI empowers Your employees and Customers

For many customers “self-service” really means “self-annoyance.” Tools such as FAQs, simple chatbots, and other knowledge bases can provide some information, but it’s often...

Using Artificial Intelligence to Automate the Bid Management Process

The bid management process is time-consuming, intense, and tedious. With that said, it is also imperative to the longevity of your business and key...

Why Gaining the AI Edge Is Critical in ECommerce

For decades, the shift towards Ecommerce has continued steadily across the globe, with growth consistently outpacing (and eating into) bricks and mortar retailing. The...

The Myths of AI

Given Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely used across many industries, how does it apply to wealth management? Here are the myths of AI explained...

Applying Digital Tools to Outsourced Services

In my line of work, I’m often asked what the is difference between a business process outsourcer (BPO) and a knowledge process outsourcer (KPO)?...


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