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Technology and The Future of Learning

As with many of our former societal norms, the educational institution with which we are familiar is changing and evolving as a result of...

Is This Finally Our Chance to Find Jobs We Love?

Roughly 70% of the US workforce is disengaged or actively disengaged at work (Gallup). We are job-hopping as a band-aid solution and it is...

Mentors are Key to the Success of the Next Generation of...

Since elementary school I developed the need to be independent with parents working opposite shifts and taking care of myself after school until my...

Robert J Flower PhD

Robert J Flower, PhD Founder & Executive DirectorHuman Behavior, Science, STEMNew York, NY, USA Listen to Dr. Flower's Podcast! Dr. Robert J Flower is the Founder of...

Annabelle Thomas

Annabelle Thomas Critical Care Nurse Healthcare, STEM Kansas City, KS USA Listen to Annabelle's Podcast! Annabelle Thomas is a Cardiac ICU nurse at the University of Kansas Medical Center...

Women STEM The Tide Of Male Domination In Tech

In 2017, TechCrunch created an event in New York whereby 700 coders and designers were tasked with creating a new tech product in just...


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