Richard Roth

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Richard Roth

Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Seattle, WA, USA

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Richard Roth is the Founder & CEO of Progressive Tech, Seattle’s highest-rated technical support company, famous for a distinctively human-centric approach to client care.

For more than a decade, Richard Roth led the company toward steady growth throughout the area’s initial “tech boom,” holding a strong position within a notoriously competitive industry. Aside from hard-earned experience in the field, the secrets behind his long-term staying power include an approach built on real, relational investment in customers and staff, along with a steadfast commitment to superior service from start to finish.

Roth’s success has been due to a winning combination of natural skill and the good old- fashioned talent of being “in the right place at the right time.” Before Windows or the introduction of the graphical user interface we know today, a young Roth spent his time building PC’s and exploring the latest tech with like-minded friends. What began as a hobby quickly became a profession, and after a number of years of working with startups and various technical support roles, Roth established Progressive Tech, transforming a job into a genuine vocation that coupled his passion for helping people and troubleshooting technical problems, with the growing market need for local, trustworthy tech support.

For over 14 years, Roth’s company has served as proof that it is still possible to build a competitive local business rooted in community. Developing a unique business model around simplifying complicated tech, Richard Roth helps clients by eliminating many of the typical tech support failures such as the classic “runaround,” where users are directed around in circles in a discouraging pattern of “pass-the-blame.” Progressive Tech is known for treating every issue – big or small – holistically and scientifically, encouraging collaboration among staff and teams to deliver a clear, definitive solution.

Today, with so many people relying on technology to live, work and learn remotely, Progressive Tech remains more committed than ever to supporting the secure, safe and productive use of technology. Richard Roth enjoys helping other business owners streamline processes that improve profitability and deliver sustainable environmental/community impact. In addition to Progressive Tech, Roth is actively working to support the transition to regenerative and sustainable land use and agricultural practices.

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