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What It Takes to Champion a New Category

From 2017 to 2020, I was singing the same tune to fellow entrepreneurs — we’re spending our best years building our startups, so pick...

Customer Success vs Customer Service: Why SaaS Businesses Need Both?

As the SaaS market is becoming more and more competitive, with 99% of organizations using one or more SaaS solutions, it’s important to make...

How to Fix an Outdated Loyalty Program

Consumers expect offers that appeal to their individual likes and preferences. How to fix an outdated loyalty program with these five steps to fix...

Is Your Customer Journey a Continuum?

Everything should start with the customer. What do they need, what are their pain points, and what other emotional barriers are they facing? 2021...

A New Era of Global Experience

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way people live their daily lives. Quarantine and remote work have compelled many of us to find new...

Richard Roth

Richard Roth Founder & CEOTechnology, EntrepreneurSeattle, WA, USA Listen to Richard's Podcast! Richard Roth is the Founder & CEO of Progressive Tech, Seattle’s highest-rated technical support company,...


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