Nadav Levy

Headshot of CEO Nadav Levy

Nadav Levy

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Entrepreneur
Toronto, ON, Canada

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Nadav Levy is CEO of Machulu, a platform that helps organizations solve their accessibility challenges in order to serve customers with disabilities in the best possible way. Our vision to improve the lives of people with disabilities and the elderly by making it simple to acquire and implement accessibility in any organization.

Before co-founding Machulu, Nadav has over 20 years of experience leading technology groups from idea to product in startups and global enterprise companies, always focusing on the customer point of view.
As a CEO, he oversees business development and product and guides the company’s overall vision and strategic business direction.

Nadav loves helping fellow entrepreneurs and serves as an advisor to several startups in various industries.
He is passionate about turning ideas into products and is now focused on making our world an equal place, accessible for everyone.


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