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A Deaf CEO is Giving Hearing People an Equity Experience to...

In a world where disabled people are burdened with asking for an equity experience at every turn, Richard Horrell’s insistence on Universal Design is bold...

Offering Accessibility Doesn’t Have to Be Tedious

When it comes to offering a digital space that is user-friendly and accessible, the pressure companies are facing is high. More than 1 billion...

By Excluding People with Disabilities We’re Hindering Societal Progress

Roy Gefen, one of the first investors and CMO of accessiBe, explains how inaccessible websites are hindering advancements in society. He shares that by excluding...

Tech Innovations to Improve Accessibility

Since the 1970s, US laws have striven to make society more accessible to its citizens with disabilities. The law protects people’s rights to an...

Nadav Levy

Nadav Levy Chief Executive OfficerTechnology, EntrepreneurToronto, ON, Canada Listen to Nadav's Podcast! Nadav Levy is CEO of Machulu, a platform that helps organizations solve their accessibility challenges...


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