Erika Nilles-Plumlee

Headshot of Director of Human Resources Erika Nilles-Plumlee

Erika Nilles Plumlee

Director Human Resources
Healthcare, Manufacturing
Saint Louis, MO, USA

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Erika Nilles-Plumlee is the Director of Human Resources for StoneBridge Senior Living. Erika is passionate about bringing out the best in others and is a dynamic leader focused on aligning business strategy with people strategy. She is a strategic partner providing guidance on talent acquisition, positive employee engagement, and retention. She identifies growth opportunities and creates a culture focused on development. She effectively listens and collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to maintain organizational alignment and is an influencer across all levels of the company in support of operational and financial objectives.

As the Director of Human Resources for StoneBridge Senior Living, Erika Nilles-Plumlee is responsible for the strategic direction, execution, delegation of human resource functions, and succession planning for a middle market senior living company with multiple locations throughout the Midwest. Providing oversight while allowing for the individuality of each location has served as the foundation for building positive relationships and obtaining desired results from stakeholders. Encouraging open discussion and creative problem solving while drawing on leaders’ strengths has built trust across senior management. In this role she has also implemented new technology platforms and led the people strategy during an acquisition of four additional locations.

Prior to StoneBridge Senior Living, Erika was the HR Manager for Lyons Blow Molding, a plastic bottle manufacturing company. She improved company culture by giving a voice to the employees and creating a meaningful approach to employee growth and development while maintaining compliance and legal aspects of the role. As the Program Director for the Kansas Department of Corrections, Erika was instrumental in using research to drive program development, creating programs that were successfully replicated throughout the state.

Erika demonstrates adaptability, transferrable leadership, and the ability to bring creative problem solving to a variety of settings.

Erika has a master’s degree in Social Work Administration from the University of Kansas and obtained her Society for Human Resource Management-CP certification. She has served on several non-profit boards in a variety of leadership roles from board member to board president.


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