Muneeb Mushtaq

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Muneeb Mushtaq

Founder & CEO
Startup, Technology
Toronto, ON, Canada

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Muneeb Mushtaq is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has co-founded three tech companies to date. His entrepreneurial journey expands over a decade as he started at the age of only 18 years and sold his first startup within 2 years. He then co-founded his second startup called AskforTask, which is the second largest on-demand service platform in Canada. The company received the award of fastest growing startup in North America in 2017.

Muneeb most recently co-founded a third tech startup called Airzai, a tech-first CPG based startup that’s innovating in fragrance industry. The flagship product is called AIRZAI Aroma, a smart-home diffuser that works with a smart app and uses premium Swiss-made fragrances containing natural ingredients. The company recently introduced a new line of air and surface disinfectant products in wake of COVID-19 pandemic called AIRZAI Care.

Muneeb is also a key-note speaker and frequently shares stage with other thought leaders of the world to share his startup journey, experiences and more. He is a TEDx speaker and has been featured in multitude of media platforms. Additionally, Muneeb invests his time in giving back to the community through his social media where he shares knowledge, experiences and tips to inspire others to become entrepreneurs.

You can follow him on Instagram or any other platform through his handle @muneebmushtaq or follow his journey through his website


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