Lena Stoots

Headshot of Director of Operations Lena Stoots

Lena Stoots

Director of Operations
Technology, Entrepreneur
Houston, TX, USA

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Lena Stoots is the Director of Operations and Business Development for VBOSS. Lena has a background in business and supply chain. She has worked within procurement and product management within manufacturing and most recently became a business owner in 2020. She works with job searchers teaching them ways to navigate the employment search, to learn LinkedIn and to stay encouraged throughout the process. She also works with small businesses helping them analyze and improve their business and marketing needs by providing social media consulting, digital marketing, and leadership training. She enjoys learning new apps and technology to share with her clients.

She is an avid volunteer at Main Street Ministries who works with the community’s most vulnerable to help them gain stability, purpose and renewal. She believes people have the ability to rise up beyond their circumstances and change their mindset to be and do more by showing them compassion, encouragement and faith. She serves on the board as VP of Marketing for  the ASCM Houston Chapter, an organization that provides educational services and events for the Supply Chain and Operations Community in Houston and its surrounding areas.

On a personal note – She loves the theatre and all things music especially outdoor concerts and the symphony.

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