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Onboarding Systems: Key to Employee Success

Employee onboarding is a process that impacts all aspects of an organization, including culture, productivity, and employee engagement and retention. A well designed onboarding...

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks Founder & CEO Tech, Aerospace, Entrepreneur Phoenix, AZ, USA Listen to Lauren's Podcast! Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks is the Creator & Chief Wonderer (CEO) for KeepWOL. With...

The Post-COVID Workplace

The pandemic transformed the workplace. It not only accelerated the need for digital transformation but also the need to view the workplace as something...

Use Culture to Your Advantage: IT Integration Success

The information era demands that technology professionals excel not only in the technology space but also as change managers. Given the complexities and constantly...

Why High Performing Organizations Always Win

Winning. It's a place everyone wants to be, but few can actually claim. From sports to politics to school: high performing individuals make things...


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