Coby Skonord

Headshot of Co-Founder and CEO Coby Skonord

Coby Skonord

Co-Founder & CEO
Innovation, Tech, Entrepreneur
Milwaukee, WI, USA

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Coby Skonord is a crowdsourcing expert, public speaker, and founder of Milwaukee-based startup Ideawake. Ideawake makes it efficient to tap into the ideas of thousands of employees, customers, and suppliers, empowering companies to identify and take advantage of market trends faster than their competition.

Coby Skonord is a contrarian thinker who believes that the power of online collaboration is the only way to solve the biggest problems facing the world today and overcome the greatest obstacles facing the businesses of tomorrow. Skonord is an Eagle Scout, Ernst and Young alumni, and is passionate about growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area and the State of Wisconsin.

Over the last 8 years, Coby has led the team at Ideawake, helping design three innovation platforms being used by companies to power their employee improvement and innovation programs in over 39 countries and 185 cities. He’s deeply committed to advancing innovation, leading with purpose, and building a world-class team that continues to over-deliver and innovate for the future. His main focus includes managing the company’s internal and external growth strategy, and overseeing the launch of digital innovation programs for organizations in over 14 verticals from Healthcare, to Financial Services, to Hospitality, and Manufacturing among others.

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