Karen Rossell

Headshot of Co-Founder & CEO Karen Rossell

Karen Rossell

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Carbon Emissions
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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Karen Rossell is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Applied Negative Emissions Centre (ANEC).

Karen has a background in MSc Carbon Management (The University of Edinburgh) and BSc Chemistry (National Autonomous University of Mexico). She has experience in Academia, as a Research Fellow at The University of Edinburgh and Research Assistant at Centre of Atmospheric Sciences in Mexico, developing research on climate change, smart cities, and negative emission technologies. She also has research experiences in nanotechnology, black carbon and aerosols radiative forcing and physical chemistry modelling, carbon capture with MOFs, remote sensing and air quality, and environmental chemistry for engineering processes.

She previously collaborated with the Blockchain Climate Institute where she was an Executive Officer and consultant for international regional and local governments. She has been a national leader for climate change-focused non-governmental organizations, such as 350.org Mexico and Citizen’s Climate Lobby Mexico. She had participated as a judge for the Biodiversity and Climate Change categories for ICLEI Mexico, evaluating policy advancements and innovative initiatives of local governments. She is an active member of The Climate Reality Project where she has been a mentor several times for both Latin American and UK groups and participated at UNFCCC’s COP24 and COP25.

Now specialised in residual emissions management and negative emissions technologies, Karen leads the ANEC team in producing carbon removal solution portfolios for organizations with ambitious climate targets, where they have collaborated with universities, companies, and most recently the UK Government. Karen champions innovative climate tech and aims to support its development and uptake in order to tackle climate change.


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