Catalina Valentino

Headshot of Founder and CEO Catalina Valentino

Catalina Valentino

Founder & CEO
Marketing, Entrepreneur, Influencer
Manchester, England, UK

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Catalina Valentino is the Founder and CEO of Pivot.

Cat is an ambitious young entrepreneur striving to lead change for good in leadership, education and politics.

Beginning with her marketing agency, Pivot is a Personal Branding agency which specialises in building the personal brands of CEOs, Celebrities & Politicians to gain authority and influence within their industry.

Through this Cat has been able to build her own personal brand and gain authority as a high person of influence within her sector. With over 90,000 followers and 6M monthly impressions, this has attracted two investors eager to invest in Cat and her businesses.

They plan to build new schools in 2023, creating forward-thinking and innovative leading change within that sector through simultaneously working her way up the political ladder.

Cat is not only a CEO and working on several brands, businesses and projects but is also an inspiration to many young female business owners or enthusiasts and delivers inspiring keynotes alongside these working with the likes of SalesForce, Business Insider and ITV.

Earlier in the year, she won Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2022, which gave her a huge platform to elevate her personal brand and that of her team. Pivot currently employs 6 people, with plans to more than double in the coming years. Pivot’s estimated Year 3 revenue projections will bring the agency to 7-figures by the end of 2023.

She is also a board member of various other companies including marketing and finance companies as a part of her portfolio. She aims to sit on the advisory board for various other companies to expand her influence and lead change in leadership, education and politics.

She is continuously developing herself, her skillset, leadership and knowledge. She started a BA in Business Management & Languages at age 16 and an MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics at age 19.

Cat will also speak at EMC 2023, Excel London 2023, LA 2023, GalsWho X Gradfuel October 2022 and more. Alongside some big names such as the one and only Steven Bartlett who is yet to be confirmed for next year’s convention, Apprentice Stars and high-level influencers such as Grace Beverley and Brontë King and achieving all of this at only 20, before her 21st birthday in September.

It’s safe to say, the future looks bright for this 21-year-old entrepreneur.


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