Joseph Cruz

Headshot of Joseph Cruz

Joseph Cruz

President and Co-Founder
IoT, Technology
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Riding on the heels of a successful career in computing, product development and management as R&D manager for Gefen LLC, Joseph Cruz joined forces with his colleague and business partner, Teemu Nivala, to pursue their passion for innovation and bring “big ideas” to life.

Embarking on this journey as business owner and inventor, paired with the spirit of an entrepreneur, Joseph co-founded Apption Labs in 2015. Earmarked as a crowdfunding success story, Joseph and his team launched the first product in their growing suite with MEATER making its market debut in the fall of 2017. MEATER is the world’s first truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer, paving the way for future innovations and setting a new standard in the consumer space in this product category.

In the years since inception, the Apption Labs team has launched two additional innovations with MEATER Plus and MEATER Block, serving as a testament to the brands growth and wildly successful product line of smart meat thermometers. Leading with an advanced feature set that outperforms all in the space, Apption Labs is only at the beginning of its journey through the creation of innovative products with all-new efficiency tools and user-centric tech enhancements on the horizon.


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