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Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller Technology Director Technology, IoT, IIoT York, PA, USA Listen to Matthew's Podcast! Matthew Miller is a technology director with expertise in bringing products, processes and technology to...

The Health Metaverse – A New Frontier?

Introduction To gain an in-depth understanding of The Metaverse one must start with a clear definition and then perform...

Steve Lindsey

Steve Lindsey CIO & CTO Technology, Entrepreneur Provo, UT, USA Listen to Steve's Podcast! Steve Lindsey is the Chief Information and Technology Officer, LiveView Technologies. He was instrumental in...

Methods of Measuring Vacuum Pressure

How do you measure nothingness, or at least as close to nothingness as we can create? This is the question that we...

What Is a Flow Meter and How Does It Work

Readouts, data, and screens are as common to us as clouds and trees. While some might balk at this social transformation, technology...
busy city skyline and freeway at dusk with digital IoT overlay pointing out all the wireless edge computing

The Future is Edge Computing

As a patent attorney with 22 years of experience, I’ve observed transformations across dozens of industries by research and analysis of patent...


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