Jessica Munoz

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Jessica Munoz

Founder and CEO
Technology, Education
Kansas City, MO, USA

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Jessica Munoz Valerio is the Founder and CEO of Learning Careers Environment, an innovative application using technology to help children start learning about careers of interest at an early age.

Working in technology for the past several years, Jessica has transformed her passion for tech into her very own startup that leverages the tools she has worked to support over her career. This is also a way to give back to others so they can help their kids be educated on career choices and education early in life.

Jessica is the daughter of Hispanic parents. She was raised in Chihuahua Mexico and immigrated to the United States entering into a new world full of challenges and cultural education. Jessica spent her first two years in the ESL program at a high school level. “I would never thought that the love and empathy of a teacher could have made a major impact in my career life.” Jessica understands the challenges immigrant students go through, from cultural education to separation of nationalities. Her new passion is teaching, thanks to the support of her teacher.

Jessica graduated from Park University with her Bachelor’s in Computer Science Network and Security, and gained knowledge working in the Technology industry for the past 9 years. Jessica now is an entrepreneur working on opening her company dedicated to educate students about careers of interest. From K-12, students explore a variety of careers and discover what they are truly passionate about. “Everyone deserves a quality education. We have a world full of careers, and no one educating them about how amazing they can be.”

In her free time, Jessica spends her time volunteering, mentoring, teaching and guiding students to do better at school and be successful life.


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