Gregg Mischner

Headshot of Senior Vice President and COO Gregg Mischner

Gregg Mischner

Supply Chain, Entrepreneur
Houston, TX, USA

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Gregg Mischner is the Senior Vice President and COO of Affinity. Gregg joined the organization seven years ago as the SVP of Operations for Affinity, a US division of the larger Mi Hub international parent company in the UK. Mi Hub, the international supplier of corporate clothing uniform solutions offers partnership programs from businesses to individuals across their network of affiliates including Affinity, Alexandra, Dimensions, and Yaffy.

Gregg has over 20 years of operational, financial, and business transformation experience across his professional career. Gregg spent 10 years working for a major firm setting up beverage distribution for well-known brands and leading a team in handling sales and business developmental functions. Gregg’s roles allow him to implement a full array of strategic and operational practices resulting in increased business revenue. Since Gregg has joined the Mi Hub team in 2015, he has been responsible for facilitating the acquisition and integration of Affinity to the Mi Hub brand.


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