Fotis Konstantinidis

Headshot of Fotis Konstantinidis

Fotis Konstantinidis

Head of Digital & Data Analytics Practice
Technology, Transformation, Digital
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Fotis Konstantinidis is a Managing Director at Stout, leading the A.I. and Digital Transformation practice area under Management Consulting  with over 15 years of experience in data mining and advanced analytics, digital strategy, and integration of digital technologies in enterprises.

His experience includes data transformation and visualization, application of a broad range of machine learning algorithms to maximize real business value and data-driven assessment of digital initiatives and priorities. Fotis has also led large digital transformation programs in both private and public companies and launched agile-driven digital solutions that were presented in international conferences and workshops.

Mr. Konstantinidis started applying data mining techniques as a brain researcher at the Laboratory of NeuroImaging at UCLA, focusing on identifying data patterns for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. He was also one of the leads in applying machine learning techniques in the field of genome evolution. Fotis has implemented A.I. in a number of industries, including mobile gaming, social media, banking, retail, automotive, and energy among others.

Prior to joining Stout, Mr. Konstantinidis held leadership positions leading AI-driven products and services at CO-OP Financial Services, McKinsey & Company, Visa and Accenture.

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