Duncan Curtis

Headshot of Duncan Curtis

Duncan Curtis

Vice President Product Management
Emerging Tech, Artificial Intelligence
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Duncan Curtis is the Vice President of Product at Sama. To this leadership role, he brings 3 years of Autonomous Vehicle experience as the Head of Product at Zoox (now part of Amazon), and 4 years of AI experience from his product management days at Google where he delighted the +1B daily active users of the Play Store and Play Games.

Prior to this, Duncan’s career was focused on mobile gaming, most notably working on the Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride franchises. Duncan studied Computer Software Engineering at Queensland University of Technology. He is excited to bring his love of technology and impact together at Sama.

Throughout his career, Duncan Curtis has consistently demonstrated a blend of skills and expertise, making a significant impact on the technology and AI industries.

His exceptional communication and external presentation abilities have enabled him to articulate complex technical concepts with clarity, making him an effective leader and spokesperson. Duncan’s leadership has been a driving force behind his teams, fostering team growth, innovation and propelling projects to success.

Duncan’s career journey showcases an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology and AI. He has taken on pivotal leadership roles, such as Senior Vice President of Product and Technology and Senior Vice President of Product Management, guiding product development, technology and strategy at Fortune 200 companies, across >1 billion daily active users and cutting edge AI technologies like Autonomous Vehicles. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of AI, as evidenced by his contributions in crafting product visions, securing substantial funding, and driving growth.

The initial phase of Duncan’s career was characterized by broadening his impact on users, reaching 1.5 million at 3 Blokes, 200 million at Halfbrick, and over 1 billion daily active users at Google. The subsequent phase has seen him fine-tune my leadership skills and amplify his global impact. Notably, his contributions include leveraging cutting-edge ML at Zoox to save lives and combat climate change through electrification, and at Sama, pioneering cutting-edge ML across diverse sectors, from AV to AgTech, and facilitating opportunities for individuals in poverty to rise above through meaningful digital work, while advancing impactful Human/AI interaction.

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