Dave Chase

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Dave Chase

Author, Speaker, Founder
Healthcare, Health Rosetta
Seattle, USA

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Dave Chase is the co-founder and CEO of Health Rosetta, a nonprofit, and has dedicated his career to fixing our healthcare system.

Dave is a healthcare entrepreneur, thought leader and author of two healthcare books: CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream and The Opioid Crisis Wake-Up Call.

Health Rosetta is an open source blue-print that helps employers and benefits advisors create high-performance benefits plans that have shown to reduce healthcare spending by 20-50% with superior health outcomes. Since its inception, Dave has worked tirelessly to promote Health Rosetta’s message nationwide, receiving recognition and being quoted for his healthcare expertise in books such as The Price We Pay by renowned Johns Hopkins surgeon, Marty Makary, and top tier media such as Forbes, NPR, ProPublica and in his TEDx talk, “Healthcare Stole the American Dream: Here’s How We Take it Back”, where Dave explains the devastation that our broken healthcare system has inflicted on the middle class and his role in the growing health reform movement that’s working to fix the problem.

Health Rosetta

Health Rosetta transforms health plans from the #1 driver of inflation, poverty & bankruptcy to drivers of well-being and wealth.

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