Marjie Hadad

Headshot of General Manager Marjie Hadad

Marjie Hadad

General Manager
Public Relations, Author, Entrepreneur
New York & Tel Aviv

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Marjie Hadad is the General Manager of Must Have Communication and Consulting.

Marjie Hadad is an international public relations expert, the general manager of Must Have Communication & Consulting, an Amazon number 1 best-selling author, an award-winning TV producer, as well as a coach and a speaker on how to apply public relations strategies to parenting, life and careers. The Power of PR Parenting is her first book.

Marjie holds a BS in Broadcast Journalism and an MA in International Relations both from Boston University. She is married and is the mother of three children. She lives in Israel and the United States. For more information on Marjie’s Company, or her new book, PRFor.Life.

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