Jim Fournier

Headshot of Jim Fournier

Jim Fournier

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Social Platforms
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Jim Fournier is the CEO of Tru and has over twenty years-experience in digital identity and distributed data.

Jim Fournier was a Geometry Partner with Silicon Graphics in the early ‘90’s and in 2000 produced the Planetwork Conference in San Francisco. That launched a community that published a seminal whitepaper on social networks in 2003. He also invested in a key social patent resulting in founders shares in LinkedIn.

Following the LinkedIn IPO, Jim hired the lead developer from the digital identity community, Victor Grey to work on a publishing project. In April 2015 the two had the breakthrough on decentralized internet data exchange that had eluded the XDI effort for a decade, and filed the core patent for JLINC. They had a working solution ready for GDPR in May 2018, but EU regulators were slow to move.

Jim Fournier and his team have built a set of reference implementations on the core JLINC technology. They are poised to bring a revolutionary new approach to data to the post FTX hybrid web space.

For a decade he served on the board of XDI.org seeking to create an open protocol for permissioned internet data exchange. In 2015, he and his technical partner realized how to actually do it and founded JLINC. In 2019 he started building Tru on the JLINC tech stack.

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