Danny Newcomb

Headshot of Founder and CEO Danny Newcomb

Danny Newcomb

Co-Founder & CEO
Technology, Entrepreneur
Seattle, WA, USA

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Danny Newcomb is the Co-founder and CEO of Incantio.

Longtime Seattle musician and a founding member of local bands Shadow, Goodness, the Rockfords, Danny Newcomb grew up playing guitar and writing songs with Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and they founded their first band in the 80’s. They grew up riding bmx bikes around the North end of the city, going to public school and graduating from Roosevelt High School. Danny went to the Evergreen State College, and escaped in 1991 with a degree in creative writing.

His band Goodness, (which he co-founded with Carrie Akre) was born in the 1990’s and was signed to Atlantic records. Goodness opened for Oasis in Madison Square Garden, and toured professionally, releasing 2 major label records. Moving to Vashon Island and starting a small farm, Danny also began his own Independent vinyl label, Rock Candy Mountain, to release his solo records (5), beginning with “Masterwish” in 2015. He has since started his own Seattle music podcast, Rainy Days, featuring interviews with Matt Vaughan (Easy Street Records), Nancy Wilson, (Heart), and other northwest musicians and music lovers.

In 2021 Danny began working with AI scientist, musician and father of “AGI” Dr. Ben Goertzel, exploring possibilities for music platforms and publishing with AI. In fall of 2022 Danny began working with Incantio co-founder and Logitech architect, Tiffany Larsen on designing a new licensing platform that is non-exclusive and geared toward independent musicians and content creators that license music. Ai curates the music as it is uploaded and recommends new music to users of the site through a music to music search, not using hashtags. With a patented search filter that enables a city by city search for independent music, Incantio is engaging with local stories and artists and advertisers.

Danny Newcomb is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read their podcast interview transcript.


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