Dan Prince

Headshot of Founder and CEO Dan Prince

Dan Prince

Founder & CEO
Technology, Healthcare
Kansas City, MO, USA

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Dan Prince is the Founder and CEO of illumisoft, a customer service-oriented healthcare innovation company, focused toward improving the experience people have as they live through various health related events. Throughout the course of his career, Dan has consistently been a leader amongst his peers, focused on architecting complex systems that are simple to maintain and manage.

Dan was born and raised in the desert area of Southern California, eventually settled in the Midwest and attended college in Springfield, Missouri before moving to Kansas City and beginning his career at Cerner Corporation. He has spent the majority of his career working in healthcare technology and has architected dozens of data integration projects for a handful of hospitals throughout the Midwest.

Dan has extensive knowledge surrounding the modern Software Development Life Cycle, gained from his 20 years in the industry. These years of experience have helped him to establish a reputation within his community as a leader in digital transformation.

He now focuses both illumisoft and his highly talented team of technology experts toward helping companies use technology in the best ways to reduce costs as well as increase efficiency. Along the way, he has helped his company grow into a set of high performing technology enabled teams that have mastered the agile philosophy and used it to help transform the technology landscape at a number of clinics and hospitals. Dan prioritizes illumisoft toward building strong relationships with clients to truly understand their needs and provide solutions that exceed current needs and allow for growth and flexibility.


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