Bonita Eby

Headshot of a Burnout Prevention Strategist and CEO Bonita Eby

Bonita Eby

Chief Executive Officer
Entrepreneur, Strategist, Coach
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Bonita Eby is a Burnout Prevention Strategist and CEO of Breakthrough Personal & Professional Development Inc. She specializes in burnout prevention and organizational culture for organizations at the intersection of health and leadership development.

Bonita Eby has heard countless leaders share their heartbreaking stories of burnout and the impact it has had on both their professional and personal lives. After experiencing burnout in a demanding leadership position, including 24-hours/7-days-a-week on-call crisis intervention, she recognized the impact of burnout on organizations and private lives. Through extensive research, overcoming burnout herself, and her healthcare background, she has become highly knowledgeable about the causes and effects of burnout and how to recover.

Bonita Eby has provided workshops, training and consulting to organizations in the corporate, nonprofit, healthcare, emergency response and police, education and private sectors.

Her work has been featured on CTV News, CHCH Morning Live, Rogers TV, Thrive Global, HR Spotlight and with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.

Her primary expertise includes burnout and compassion fatigue, stress management, resilience and healthy team dynamics using the Enneagram personality typing.

She believes that healthy, happy employees create healthy organizations that thrive.

Bonita is on a mission to end burnout.

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