Benjamin Shaffer

Headshot of in-house legal counsel Benjamin Shaffer

Benjamin Shaffer

Legal Counsel
Law, Tech, Precious Metals
Spanish Fork, UT, USA

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Benjamin Shaffer is the In-house Legal Counsel and Contract Manager for Goldback, Inc.

In 2019 a new Gold product known as the Goldback was created. Benjamin Shaffer was one of the first to adopt it. It is a local currency system made from pure Gold in spendable, interchangeable, quantities. Using a patented production process, Goldback, Inc. effectively set up a novel product in one of the oldest industries known to man. After being recognized as a local currency in Utah, many states began vying for their own Goldback series. Currently, there are 5 state series (UT, NV, WY, SD, NH) and over $80 Million USD worth of Goldbacks in circulation. Benjamin helped grow a company from an initial investment of $40,000 into one of the most bullish corporations in the United States.

Benjamin Shaffer is in-house legal counsel and contract manager for Goldback, Inc. He also works in community Services meeting the needs of our growing business network. As an attorney and also as an intellectual and historian Benjamin has studied political and economic philosophy for twenty years.

As a child collecting coins his interest was piqued when he found a “racketeer” nickel. This led his curiosity to study economic problems and monetary policy. He saw the Goldback at our very first public event and joined the movement. Immediately realizing the many monetary solutions represented by the Goldback , his law firm was one of the first businesses to accept the Goldback as payment. He started promoting the currency locally and spending them all over Utah.

As the Goldback company has grown quickly since that time the need for more legal expertise has also increased. Founder Jeremy Cordon asked Benjamin to give up his law practice and work full time for Goldback directly. With his background Benjamin is an important part of the Goldbacks team. He works primarily as our in-house legal counsel, contract manager, and building our business networks. He listens to our business partners and finds solutions to their problems.

Benjamin Shaffer holds a Juris Doctorate degree from The University of Arizona. Admitted to both the Utah and Arizona bar associations, he has practiced in the areas of financial law, estate planning, contracts, transactional, business litigation, and Constitutional law.

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