Tech-Enhanced Language Learning: How to Use Preply to Master German

tech-enhanced language learning with language bubbles on a laptop

Learning a new language can be difficult, but with the availability of comprehensive resources such as Preply, it is becoming easier than ever before. Here we’ll delve into tech-enhanced language learning.

Language has always been an important aspect of communication, but with so many spoken around the world, it can be difficult to speak and interact with others who do not have the same skillset and dialogues.

Globalization has made the world appear borderless in some instances, as communities and workforces are now as diverse as ever. Multiple cultures and nationalities make up these groups, while organizations are now looking to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented in terms of international business.

The tech industry is one prime example in which this is evident. There are some countries that have proven to be specialists within this field. Germany is one, with the country being well ahead compared to others in this sector. As a result, firms have either looked to export operations to the country, or they have looked to deal with them. German language has resulted in becoming more and more important because of it.

Tech firms from around the globe now require their employees to be able to speak German and have an understanding of the terminology that is used in order to maintain a healthy position and be as effective and efficient as possible. In order for them to achieve this, they have used online resources such as Preply, which has proven to be a one-stop shop for all language learning purposes.

What is Preply?

Preply is a comprehensive online tech-enhanced language learning tool that can provide students with all of the necessary resources in order to master German, as well as the technical language that is involved throughout the tech space.

Learners who sign up and use the platform are able to connect with a private tutor where they can then have a one-to-one lesson. They can do this through the use of video calls, while they can also access a variety of different learning materials. Lessons are personalized and tailored to the student, while they are also convenient as they can be held whenever the pupil is available.

Why should you use Preply for German classes?

Although there may be many other options available that can either be free or available on the move, Preply does offer some of the best learning experiences that are unavailable anywhere else. As already highlighted, users of Preply are able to gain access to a private tutor who has the capability of providing a personalized class with each session. They can work at an individual’s desired pace, while also offering instant feedback about how the learning is going and the areas that perhaps need more improvement. Preply also offers a number of materials such as videos, and other learning resources that other companies and apps may not always have the access to. By using Preply, your teacher can also create a dedicated learning plan which can focus on the industry-specific vocabulary and phrases that are needed to get ahead in a highly-competitive technology industry.

Make sure to use Preply

Without doubt, Preply has to be considered to be the best tech-enhanced language learning resource available on the internet at the moment. The online resource provides a comprehensive experience and leaves no stone unturned in regard to the entire process. Its personalized methods can help learners to be able to quickly pick up the technical language needed to succeed in their competitive industry, while students do not have to feel pressurized when learning as they can go at their own pace.


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