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Tech-Enhanced Language Learning: How to Use Preply to Master German

Learning a new language can be difficult, but with the availability of comprehensive resources such as Preply, it is becoming easier than ever before....

Top Organizations Staying Resilient with Continual Learning

According to a piece from the Harvard Business Review, “Companies and shareholders often focus on maximizing short-term returns. In contrast, resilience requires a multi-timescale...

Sathish Bala

Sathish Bala Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Toronto, Ontario, Canada Listen to Sathish's Podcast! Sathish Bala is the Founder and CEO of Schoolio, an Indo-Canadian award-winning entrepreneur with expertise...

Technology and The Future of Learning

As with many of our former societal norms, the educational institution with which we are familiar is changing and evolving as a result of...

A New Kind of Workforce Calls for a New Kind of...

As Gen Z enters the workforce, like each generation before them, they are poised to disrupt routines, cultures, and even what it means to...

Creating Space for New Ideas

At GoldieBlox, we are a multimedia company rewriting the script for young girls by empowering them with digital-first content and creative products that spark...


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