How to Tell if Your Phone Has 5G Capability

man holding a 5G wireless smartphone while looking at his laptop

Have you been trying to get 5G on your phone? You’ve been hearing all about 5G, the latest mobile network technology, but if you still haven’t noticed anything different when it comes to the connection on your phone, you might have the wrong phone. Everyone wants to use the fastest networks as soon as possible, but you must have the right device to access it. Find out how to tell if your phone has 5G capability with this handy guide.

Check Your Phone Settings for 5G Capability

The easiest way to tell if your device is 5G compatible is to check the settings. Tap the settings icon in your notifications dashboard and find the Connections or Internet category. Here, you will tap Mobile Networks and then Network Types to find a list of the types of mobile networks your phone is capable of hosting. You will likely see 2G, 4G, and LTE. Only some phones will list 5G.

Check Your Phone’s Specs Online for 5G Capability

Another way to figure out if your phone will host the 5G network is to check online. Use a search engine to look up your phone model to see if it allows 5G. Phone manufacturers must build this capability into the phone. If you live in an area that offers 5G technology and wish to use it, you may need to upgrade your device. Understanding how 5G works will help you figure out which device you need to use it.

Which Phones Have 5G Capability

Currently, Google and Apple have yet to offer phones with 5G capabilities. Apple reports that their next phone, the iPhone 12 will host 5G. The only phones that host 5G are Androids, the most popular of which are Samsung, Sony, and LG. While these brands are making phones that support 5G capabilities, you may have an old model that doesn’t. You will want to know how to tell if your phone has 5G capability if you own a device by one of these brands. Upgrade your technology and start enjoying faster speeds in the cities that offer 5G today.


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